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Steve Freier
Steve Freier

I am a happy healthy 67-year-old who discovered he had CLL back around 1999. I was around 50 years old; too young to have CLL. It was considered a disease of “old people.  I had just recently moved from Chicago to California. Since I had not yet found suitable employment at the time, I found myself visiting the public clinic at the local county hospital where I was diagnosed with stage 4 CLL by a Stanford trained doctor. That doctor soon retired and was replaced by a young woman oncologist who had come straight from Sloan-Kettering, once of the “top” cancer centers in the USA.

I was sent to Stanford for further testing and it was then suggested that I undergo approximately 8 months of chemo treatments at my local hospital in preparation for a BMT at Stanford. After just a few chemo infusions I decided not to take that path. It wasn’t that the chemo made me feel ill; I felt no effects at all, even though they had installed a port in my chest for the purpose. Prior to the liquid chemo they had given me fludarabine and some other foul chemo in pill form. Now that was not so nice!  But I had just made a decision that I was not going to go with the standard AMA protocol for CLL treatment. I would try to find my own way . I would find an alternative cure for CLL or die trying!

The longer more detailed story can be found elsewhere on this site. But for now, in  2013, I am happy and a relatively healthy (for my age) 64-year-old! When I had realized that I had actually turned the corner on CLL and was on the road to healing I had not yet been very careful or extreme in my diet. In fact I was still able to drink in moderation and eat a normal American diet. But over the ensuing years I started to research different diets and found myself experimenting with various types. Raw food and low or no gluten has provided the most benefits and consistently provide the most noticeable improvements on a daily basis. I hope to be adding more information about diet in future posts.

For now, this is a re-launch and a consolidation of several sites. I hope to be able to focus all my past good content into this single more focused blog site. Welcome aboard!

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