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Dangerous Root Canals

I can’t emphasize enough the dangers of allowing root canals to exist in your mouth.  I would suggest watching this Video Overview from Dr. Mercola who explains the dangers and the potential impacts of root canals on your health. I myself had just one root canal back in 1997 – 2000 which I had removed and I have to credit the removal of that infected root canal with the beginning my recovery from CLL.

Dr. Mercola says that a reason that some people can have root canals and not be affected negatively is that they may have an excellent immune system that can encapsulate the infection (anaerobic bacteria) leaking from the bad root canals. This is something to consider when trying to heal from a health condition such as CLL or cancer in general. Why chance it?

Dr. Weston A. Price

You want to do everything in your power to remove anything that could be causing a compromised immune system and also to work to build it up as well. All the research into the dangers of root canals was done about a hundred years ago by Dr. Weston Price, who was the top endodontist in the country at the time.  His research was buried after he died and was later resurrected by Dr. George Meinig who wrote the definitive book about the Price research called The Root Canal Coverup.