This review is from: Root Canal Cover-Up   (Paperback)

Dr. Meinig’s book is first rate in all respects. This information was first brought to light by the genius of Dr. G.V. Black, the dean of the dept. of oral surgery at Northwestern University in Chicago. Dr. Black fully disclosed the conditions that occur involving osteonecrosis of the maxillary and mandibular bones as well as the treatment protocalls needed to correct them in one of his many textbooks titled “A Special Dental Pathology”. Black is still touted as the “Father of Modern Dentistry”, and many of his texts are still used to this day. The interesting thing is that this work was done in 1915 ! Good doctors such as Black, and Dr. Weston Price, as well as others performed a great deal of excellent and invaluable research work many years ago that should have, and still can save mankind from a myraid of suffering and misdiagosed, mistreated maladies that can often become life threatening. Many actually expire from conditions that began as a result of the irresponsible endodontic, and general improperly performed dental procedures that we all fall victim to by trusting our dental profesionals. Dr.Rosenow from the Mayo clinic postulated on the “Focal Infection Theory” over half a decade ago that dealt with this situation and his great work has been laid aside as well. I believe our dentists need to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask themselves how many lives they have destroyed. Its time for a major change in the way dentistry is performed in our country. We the people must become informed and educated so we can prevent these abuses by our “trusted” dentists. By all means, buy, and read Georges excellent book, learn all you can about your health and find an open minded, honest, dentist who is willing to “LEARN” to do things properly. YOU, are the final authority regarding your health. Don’t forfeit that right by trusting an uninformed, greedy dental person. I nearly died doing so, and will suffer the rest of my life as a result. The Endodontic Society has a great deal of “Flawed” statistics that they have absolutely no back-up research to support.

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